Co-Founders, and siblings, Angela and Ed Hill supported the military and Intelligence Community (IC) as government employees and federal defense contractors in the D.C. Metro area. Their combined industry knowledge allowed them to create a company focused on helping people connect, provide situational awareness, knowledge retention and process improvement. Today, Jadex is fully operational in West Michigan.


Creating a more connected world through knowledge insights, we work to create transparency, share information, increase collaboration and improve efficiency. These are our core values:

  • Shared Mission
  • Create organizational transparency
  • With transparency create a shared consciousness
  • Apply information management and data governance holistically¬†
  • Training is top priority
  • Ownership - we all own a piece of the pie
  • Share information freely and openly
  • Use tools to support collaboration and communication (centralized sites, virtual communities, etc.)
  • Visualize their environment
  • Believe in the team, their ethics, integrity and ability to get the job done

What Are We Up Today?

Today, we are headquartered in the Greater Grand Rapids area and work remotely near the beautiful lakeshore. We collaborate with like-minded start-ups and have relaunched this start-up to drive growth and help industries.