Data Visualization


It's common for most businesses to underutilize their data. As a result, data often sits in unconnected databases, spreadsheets, or cloud services with access segmented only to individuals, groups, or departments. Our skilled intelligence experts can turn your data into mapping, dashboards, analytics, and visualizations.


Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and geospatial analysis provides another level of mapping that allows you to understand your data from a mapping perspective. Imagine providing situational awareness of your day to day and global operations, time analysis, competitive overviews, or asset/equipment locations. Let us show you where your data can take you.

Boundless Server is a complete web-based geospatial software stack.

The applications contained are:

  • PostGIS - Spatially enabled object-relational database.
  • GeoServer - Software server for loading and sharing geospatial data.
  • GeoWebCache - Tile cache server that accelerates the serving of maps.
  • Composer - Web-based map configuration and styling utility.
  • WPS Builder - Web-based graphical constructor for generating server-side processes.
  • QuickView - Web application for composing and styling web maps.


Unlike traditional Business Intelligence (BI), we incorporate the government standard of the 5 Steps of an Intelligence Cycle for intelligence gathering. We feel this cycle (Planning & Direction, Collection, Processing, Analysis & Production, and Dissemination & Feedback) are crucial to gather actionable intelligence for your business. Let us help you develop that process.


Power BI is an Office 365's business intelligence and data analytics tool. Learn today how you can leverage internal and external data for customized dashboards. Additionally, Power BI has the capability to connect to on-prem and cloud data services such as Salesforce.