Penetration Testing

JADEX offers the following Penetration Vulnerability Testing and Assessments.

Internal Penetration Testing

Internal Penetration Testing provides evaluations from internal threats and ensures that internal user privileges cannot be misused. Most organizations will rely on employee awareness to prevent a compromise. An attack can be exploited with just human error alone. The attacker can further penetrate the infrastructure and compromise the network. The methodology used will test the corporate network to identify risks and help mitigate the impact of malicious attacks and insider threats from disgruntled employees.

External Penetration Testing

External Penetration Testing determines if any vulnerabilities found can be exploited to give access to external unauthorized users. This access can be used to obtain sensitive information, network mapping, file corruption, or theft, etc. The assessment will show whether there any risks for existing implemented security controls, such as: firewalls, intrusion detection (IDS), and prevention systems (IPS), or implemented application defenses. Our methodology is in accordance with best practice standards and incorporates guidelines from OSSTMM, NIST and OWASP.

Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

Our evaluations of your security posture accesses specific aspects of your critical systems, networks, and applications. JADEX identifies vulnerabilities and gaps in your network infrastructure and configurations.

Microsoft Security & Compliance Center

JADEX assists our client's in maximizing their investment in Microsoft cloud solutions by leveraging the Security and Compliance Center which is available with an Office 365 cloud subscription. Contact us for details.

Alert Policies

Alert policies build on and expand the functionality of activity alerts by letting you categorize the alert policy, apply the policy to all users in your organization, set a threshold level for when an alert is triggered, and decide whether or not to receive email notifications.

Information Classification Labels

Across your organization, you probably have different types of content that require different actions taken on them in order to comply with industry regulations and internal policies. We leverage Office 365 to enable people in your organization to apply sensitivity or retention labels to content in Outlook on the web, Outlook 2010 and later, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office 365 groups.


Email Archiving

After an archive mailbox is enabled, messages older than two years are automatically moved to the archive mailbox by the default retention policy that's assigned to every mailbox in your organization.

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Microsoft Security & Compliance Center features require an Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, or E5 subscription. However, some advanced functionality is only available for organizations with an E5 subscription, or for organizations that have an E1 or E3 subscription and an Office 365 Threat Intelligence or Office 365 Advanced Compliance add-on subscription.

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