Our values are what make us unique at Jadex. We believe that incorporating the values below allow us to create a better world for tomorrow's future.


As a Veteran, Minority, Woman-owned company we are completely inclusive. Our value is placed in an individual's ability regardless of their color, gender, age, sexual orientation, family status or educational background.


With every action we take, project we get involved with, our impact within the community and the world is what we have in mind. Giving back, community service, teaching technology to those that need it, is our way of creating that impact. Our goal is to make this world a better place for our kids to grow up in.


Ownership of work is a key value to us. Every one person contributes to the team and has a stake in the company. We don't police your activities, track hours, or require hourly attendance. All we ask is that you own and take pride in your work.


Decisions should be made with the team in mind and every member regardless of seniority has the opportunity to make an impact. With this thought in mind, our organization is completely transparent and connected. This team of team focus creates a shared consciousness.


Mindfulness is a practice we take every day and is encouraged within our culture. Taking the time to bring awareness to our mind, body, and breath creates a better space for ourselves and our experiences.