To Fix the Problem We Need to Address People

We understand in modern businesses that people’s resources, time and attention is limited. As a result, technology adoption and utilization is compromised. These challenges are not limited by the size of your business or organization. They can be found in teams, departments and organizations.

Fixing the Problem

To solve this problem, Jadex models their services based on proven collaboration and information sharing techniques gained from experience working with the military and Intelligence sectors.

We interview large samples of client employees and leaders to drill down and identify where collaboration breakdowns occur.

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Analyze organizational and cultural barriers to knowledge retention. Providing our clients with solutions to overcome hurdles.

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We spend time with our clients in their major work settings. Highlighting changes that improve information sharing and collaboration.

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We distribute surveys that allow us to establish a baseline of overall information sharing challenges, successes, and opportunities.

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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."~ Benjamin Franklin


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