What's Preventing You From Sharing?

Recalling the events of 9/11, numerous federal organizations claimed they bits and pieces of information that together could have prevented the attacks from unfolding.

Later the government invested billions of dollars in information sharing to prevent similar attacks from happening again.

Workplace Information Sharing

The founders of Jadex were apart of the effort to breakdown barriers to information sharing in the federal government. After leaving the Intelligence Community we noticed that these issues were not limited to government.

You can see the breakdown of sharing in teams, groups, departments and organizations. Allow our experts to assist your business in increasing sharing and collaboration.

We assist our clients in understanding where, how and why information gaps form.

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We help to identify sharing opportunities that aid our clients in reducing duplicate efforts and tasks.

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We assist business leaders by making recommendations to improve sharing within their business or organization.

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"Information Sharing has to be encouraged by leadership if you hope to aid your organization" ~ Ed Hill, Jadex Founder


Please contact us if you have any questions about how to improve information sharing in your organization.