Leaders Have Superpowers

Written By: Edwin Hill – Partner and Founder, Jadex, LLC.

Did you know that as a leader, you have Superpowers? I mean it’s not something as cool as super speed, heat vision, or flying but you do have powers. I’d venture to say that anyone in a leadership role already has powers whether they know it or not.

Just like any good comic book character story arc, leaders have a choice that usually teeters between good and evil. I’m sure you’ve come across them, managers and supervisors who are struggling to find their footing in a world of leadership. Just like their comic book counterparts, they have decisions to make that can drastically affect the path they choose.

In a world influenced by greed, the bottom line, and corporate politics, some leaders are easily corrupted by the power they wield. This transfers their role from Superhero to potential villain. These would-be villains are afforded god-like abilities such as tracking, monitoring, and micromanagement of their direct reports due to the advancement of technology and data analytics. At the expense of others, they climb the corporate ladder. Leading with insecurity, fear, and intimidation instead of leading by example or empowerment of the people working for them.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom, there are those among us who have chosen the path less traveled and found their power lies in those they lead. The true Superheroes are those who understand their greatest strengths aren’t the gadgets or trinkets they amass, but instead the relationships and people they inspire.

True leaders find their calling and learn to focus on the greater good. Their greatest powers come from applying empathy, selflessness, courage, and understanding to their trade. They forge bonds and relationships that allow them to relate to the human struggle. Real Superheroes don’t wear capes or cowls. They lead and inspire through understanding and providing the tools needed to overcome and often outshine their own glory.

Throughout my career, I’ve come across Villains and Superheroes and each has played their part in shaping my future and trajectory. In my quest to become a better leader, I found that everyone is capable of good and evil. It’s about what you give, not what you get from others.

If you are fortunate to lead others, remember that you do have Superpowers.Your actions can literally alter the lives of those you lead. The greatest achievements in life won’t be found in the titles you acquire or the status you achieve, it’ll come from lives you touch and the people you inspire.